Our Core Values

Simplicity. Fearlessness. Independence.

Just like any other business, we’ve hired to a set of values, we promote those values and we celebrate those values.

We started with a mission statement: do away with the overstaffing of attorneys that exacerbates large law firms’ already-high billing rates. Lawyers want things to be complex, because that’s when they feel they are most needed. But even complex things can be simplified; and made affordable. That’s what we do. Simplicity.

In the typical large law firm attorneys often experience fear about their own performance or about how they will be received by their supervising partners. This castigates legal talent. We’re not concerned with that; we have created a culture that encourages people to be fearless. This drives our practice’s explosive growth; and our client’s explosive growth. Fearlessness.

We’ll never let outside pressures impair our professional judgment. Our clients’ sensitive data are robustly secure; confidentiality and information security is taken very seriously. We avoid even remote conflicts of interest like no other; this is taken very seriously too. Independence.