Dispute Resolution

Commercial Litigation

Greek legal practice is dominated by litigation. Naturally, all members of our team have significant exposure to proceedings before courts of all instances.

Litigating commercial disputes for our clients before the Greek courts keeps us very busy, while we have also developed a consensual approach, when necessary, to reach out-of-court settlements for our clients.

The hallmark of our litigation practice, which enables us to advise in relation to complex, multiparty, proceedings is the firm commitment to established legal project management techniques relying on lean six sigma. Before the initiation of every large litigation we engage in process mapping. We define and document each step of the litigation process, integrating quality assurance procedures and control mechanisms into every step. Through process mapping we are able upfront to improve legal performance, while at the same time help in budget management. Process mapping helps us eliminate wasteful steps, develop process controls, right-size staffing and meet the statutory or agreed-upon deadlines.

For litigation projects that require review of large number of documents or large quantities of data we introduce ‘sample size calculators’ to decide the optimal number of documents to be reviewed on a daily basis. We also have a standard template review protocol for quality assurance purposes during the review stage. We work with litigation support software tools to also minimize the volume of documents requiring manual review in a reliable manner. 

After the completion of every case we diligently produce post-litigation reference books. These are then turned into institutional guidance for the next similar case we will be instructed to handle and help us drive the costs of litigation down even further.

Apart from the domestic litigation that we handle ourselves, we often work as part of teams in the context of multi-jurisdictional litigation. We are used to advise in concurrent and foreign parallel proceedings and investigations. Through our concomitant exposure to proceedings before foreign courts and authorities we are thus well-positioned to advise in relation to the proper presentation of Greek law, when such law is applicable in foreign proceedings; this is also a service we are often called to perform for our clients.

International Commercial Arbitration

The members of our team also have experience in international commercial arbitration and in proceedings for setting aside arbitral awards. We have participated in international commercial arbitration proceedings before the Supreme Court, while we have also advised in relation to proceedings conducted before the International Chamber of Commerce.

Our arbitration practice benefits from the project management techniques and methods we use in our litigation practice.

Recognition and enforcement of foreign rulings and awards

We have broad experience in the enforcement of foreign court rulings (both from EU and non-EU jurisdictions) and arbitral awards in Greece. Our team members are experienced in proceedings before the Greek Courts for the enforcement of European Enforcement Orders, European Payment Orders, foreign arbitral awards (under the New York Convention), EU and third country court rulings and orders. 

Following the declaration of enforceability of the foreign instrument we represent clients in relation to enforcement proceedings.

International asset tracing and recovery

We are used to stepping in to take urgent action in complex high value cases on short notice. We are very well positioned to get interim reliefs for our international clients against Greek debtors, such as freezing injunctions, search and seizure orders, receivership and gagging orders. 

We also assist in detangling asset protection schemes in the context of cross-border litigation, including piercing offshore trusts and structures and negotiating discovery across varying privacy regimes. We co-operate with forensic accountants and other experts when this is necessary to identify potential asset concealments, while our rich network of professionals in several jurisdictions is also put to use in international asset tracing and recovery cases.

Recent Highlights

  • Representing a leading Greek customs broker in high-stakes litigation before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.
  • Representing a Dutch-based, European leader in containers’ transportation in high-stakes litigation in Greece, incl. before the Supreme Court of Greece.
  • Acting as international counsel to a Cypriot UHNWI in connection with multi-million litigation before the Cypriot Courts concerning the application of MiFiD in connection with the private placement of debentures by a major Cypriot bank now in insolvency.

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