Tax law in Greece is subject to continuous change and requires a Counsel to take a ‘dynamic’ approach to the issues at hand: advice needs to accommodate not only for the current taxation environment but for the potential changes such environment will undergo in the immediate future. 

Our tax law practice goes hand in hand with our corporate practice. The tax treatment of a corporate deal is frequently the real driver of the structuring of the transaction and we never produce an advice without having priced in the tax effects thereof. 

We have developed an expertise in advising in relation to the Treaties for the Avoidance of Double Taxation that Greece has concluded with other countries and we are frequently invited to advise in relation to cross-border commercial agreements between Greek and foreign entities/individuals so as to minimize withholding tax and/or other duties and levies by taking into account the provisions of each Treaty applied.

In the framework of our practice in the field of international taxation we also work closely with advisors in other jurisdictions in order to set up the optimal holding and investment structures for our clients. This is a service that we provide mainly to investors from outside the EU that are looking to do business in Greece in a tax-efficient way by setting up schemes in a different EU Member State and then  taking advantage of the EU internal market freedoms. 

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