General Terms and Conditions Masouros & Partners b.v.

  1. Applicability
    Every engagement of Masouros & Partners b.v. or any of its lawyers or employees is governed by these general terms and conditions.
  2. Responsibility for engagements
    All engagements are accepted exclusively by Masouros & Partners b.v. Masouros & Partners b.v. and not any of its lawyers and employees in person, is exclusively responsible for the performance for those engagements. The applicability of Articles 7:404 and 7:407 of the Dutch Civil Code is excluded.
  3. Liability
    Masouros & Partners b.v. not its lawyers and employees in person shall be liable for damage resulting from or related to their services or intended service, regardless of the grounds for that liability, subject to the following provisions. Masouros & Partners b.v. has taken out professional liability insurance at Aon Risk Solutions (Paalbergweg 2-4, 1105 AG Amsterdam, the Netherlands), which provides maximum worldwide coverage of EUR 1 million per claim (subject to an insurance excess of EUR 2,500 per claim). In the event of damage, the claim in question is reported to the insurer and, if the claim is covered, the liability shall be limited to the amount actually paid by the insurer, plus the insurance excess.
  4. Expiry of claims
    If Masouros & Partners b.v. ceases its law practice, all claims for compensation of damage against Masouros & Partners b.v., its lawyers and employees will expire no later than one year after the day of that cessation.
  5. Liability for third parties
    If Masouros & Partners b.v. engages a third party in the performance of an engagement (including translators, external lawyers and agent attorneys), Masouros & Partners b.v. is not liable for any error or omission made by those third parties. If such a third party wishes to limit his or her liability, Masouros & Partners b.v. is authorized to accepts that limitation of liability also on behalf of its client.
  6. Third-party clause
    These general terms and conditions also constitute an irrevocable third-party clause for the benefit of Masouros & Partners b.v.’s lawyers and employees.
  7. Adjustment of hourly rate
    On 1 January of each year, Masouros & Partners b.v. is entitled to adjust its fee in proportion to the time billed according to the hourly rates fixed by Masouros & Partners b.v.
  8. Complaints and Dispute Settlement
    If you are dissatisfied about the quality of the service we have provided or about the bill, we would prefer it if you could inform us of your objections in writing. Please contact Mr Pavlos Masouros, Schenkkade 50K, 2595 AR The Hague, The Netherlands, tel: +31708002085. We will try to find a solution to the problem which has arisen as quickly as possible in consultation with you. We will always confirm this solution to you in writing. Our internal complaint procedure is available to view at our offices and will be provide to you on request. In the unfortunate event that our discussions fail to reach a result which you find satisfactory, you can submit a complaint to the Disputes Resolution Committee for the Legal Profession (Geschillencommissie Advocatuur). This can only be done once you have submitted your objections to our firm in writing. This option is also open to you if our firm has failed to reply to your complaint in writing 4 weeks after your objections were submitted.
  9. Governing law and competent court
    The legal relationship with Masouros & Partners b.v. (including that with its lawyers and employees) is governed by Dutch law; any disputes arising from or related to that legal relationship are exclusively submitted to the Court of The Hague, The Netherlands.